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Activism Spotlight
This column is provided by the Feminist Majority Foundation

Women and Climate Change

We are at a pivotal moment. The largest generation of young people in human history is about to come of age. Nearly half the world's population – 3 billion people – is under the age of twenty-five. Soon they will make decisions about childbearing—decisions that will have a huge impact not only on their own lives, but on whether there are 9 billion or 12 billion of us forty years from now. More people will mean a bigger impact on the environment and fewer natural resources to go around. Slowing population growth is a part of slowing climate change. Empowering women and ensuring access to reproductive health services is one of the things we must do to alleviate poverty and ensure a sustainable future.

With environmental degradation on the rise, what is the gendered impact of climate change? How are women paying a disproportionate price? What can you do to influence both US and International climate negotiations?

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