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Recently I just started having memories of my cousin always wanting to play doctor. I remember him taking off my underwear saying, "That's what doctors do", and than taking off his boxers.

I was only 8 at the time, and he was about 12. I remember him moving against me and saying "NO! Stop it!!", but than all the rest is blocked out. Like someone erased it from my memory. Ever since then I have been fairly sexually active (though I refuse to have intercourse). I just want to know if it is possible to block out rape?

Also I am wondering if that would be considered rape?




Dear Christa --

What you are experiencing certainly isn't uncommon. I know many people who have later in life re-remembered something like sexual abuse from their childhood. Sometimes it's erased as a protective measure, other times, it just happened too young.

There are even some laws that recognize this memory lapse and therefore allow people to follow charges later in life. It's important to acknowledge the memories and the experience and figure out how you can move forward.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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