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I am concerned that, while emotional, verbal and financial abuse are all recognized as elements of domestic abuse, society (and its institutions) only regards physical abuse as one deserving of recognition and protection.

What I have observed is that, as men have become aware of the fact that physical abuse will be dealt with, there has been an escalation in all the other forms - all as reliable forms of threat, manipulation and control. This has left a large number of women, including myself, slipping through the cracks.

Your opinion?



I absolutely agree with your experience.

The challenge is-- what to do? I know that feminist groups that are committed to working on the issue of abuse have been trying to educate police officers and judges about how these are related and often interconnected. Also, one often does lead to or come as a result of the other. As with most abuse, the most common is often the most difficult to define or at least define in a way that matches the law.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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