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Dear Amy:

I am shocked that when I get on the net to research date rape, there are several sites that support date rape.

One shows violent sex acts toward women--there's a photo of blood and a knife on a woman's breast. I'm trying to research possibly being date raped and they're supporting it. I believe several of these sites are hiding behind non profits for victims, possibly, because the link that got me to that bloody women site was a non profit.

If I was a teenager, I'd have seen all these violent images against women, and been influenced by them. Why should I have to put controls on my computer? We need to start a website that gets GHB and Roofie test strips to women within 24 hours-- in time to detect it, and start prosecuting these offenders.



We are sadly aware of these sites -- and they certainly do anything to help the situation for those seeking help. If you know of specific sites you might try to work to shut them down. Most are protected, but there are some that violated basic laws. Some police stations have officers devoted to internet crimes; I would try that.

Also, try connecting to groups like RAINN and others devoted specifically to rape. Hopefully with enough effort something can be done to shut them down.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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