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My best friend is an NYC police officer. She went to a party and was drinking without eating the problem with that is she's a diabetic. A young man asked her for assistance with his friend that he claimed was drunk. She helped him get him home, when it was all over she realized that she was raped by either one of them or both of them.

Before going home she stopped by a friend and told her what happened. She was afraid to speak with anyone else because a lot of pieces were missing (because her sugar levels had dropped).She was talked into making a report. The police went to the guy's home and left a card for them to call them about the rape charge. What better time for them to get their story together, knowing she is also a police officer.

They turned the entire story on her. It may be true that she can take some of the blame for being there, but "No" means "No". NYPD made no attempt to arrest the two guys and put a lot of the blame on her. I spoke with her and she wants to find out how can she look into what she should or can do. Thanks for your time,


Your note really depressed me.

I hear so many stories about rape and also stories of corruption with how rapes are pursued and even with how police departments handle them. But what I found so depressing about your note was that your friend was an officer and it still was corrupt. I'm not sure if she did a rape kit or if she still can -- you usually have up until 72 hours. But that would help.

Regardless of how this case continues, I think this is an important opportunity for her to reform the process so that others can be eased through it. First of all, why did the cops leave a note hinting that it was a rape charge? That seems wrong and perhaps she can do something to ensure that isn't other people's fate. Also, why is it so hard to figure out how to report this?

Unfortunately, work she might do might not directly benefit her, but hopefully it can change the course for others. Thanks for being a great friend.

-- Amy

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