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My daughter is an inmate in the Sonoma County Jail and is being sexually harassed by a guard.

This guard has exposed himself to her and has entered her cell and grabbed her crotch. He has asked her to masturbate for him in front of the window and has threatened to write untrue reports against her in a threatening way. This has been going on for a period of 2 weeks and my daughter is afraid to say anything as she is trying to go to a rehabilitation program and negative reports can preclude her from being accepted to those programs.

She asked me to contact her attorney which I did, however, I contacted the Sergeant and the Lieutenant at the jail and they started a full blown investigation and determined that this case should be turned over to the internal affairs department.

I am looking for an attorney to represent my daughter and after reading your answer to the question about sexual harassment, I am wondering what this would be classified as. Please advise as to what type of attorney I should be seeking.

Thank you


Unfortunately, I think what your daughter is experience is not unique or an isolated situation -- both the harassment and the fear to speak up.

I have read several articles exposing this recently -- both among female and male prisoners. There is a group based in CA -- right around Menlo Park -- Equal Rights Advocates -- they should be able to help you with an attorney. Also, the National Women's Law Project which is based in Washington, DC has a project specific to women prisoners. I think they might have some advice and I'm certain that they have had to deal with this issue before.

I hope that helps . Good luck to you and her.

-- Amy

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