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I am a victim of domestic violence, and my husband still abuse me verbally in spite of being separate from him for a year. I have a child and he has visitation with him, he is threatening me that would take child away from me. I need A LAWYER TO FILE DIVORCE, and restraining order against him, whenever he talks to me and forces me to answer his call other wise I will be in trouble, then I get chest pain. I do not have job yet, and can not hire a lawyer, and I am very stressed now. I can not sleep at night in a fear that I have to deal with him for rest of my life, if I want or not. Please help me. I know you can protect me from him. I need justice, he has been abused me for 5 years.


Divorce laws are so specific to a state or county — most lawyers have to represent you very locally, especially when it comes to divorce and custody. Have you tried Legal Aid? They are usually the best bet. Also, if you go through a domestic violence agency they are likely to have access to local lawyers who are more expert in this issue and working around this issue. I do think that having a lawyer is the best route, but you can also do a lot of this on your own.

Check out Legal Momentum for some resources on divorce and how to handle yourself. And a restraining order can just be filed with a local police force. And if you are really worried, you should do that soonest — not only for your protection, but also to set a precedent for your divorce and for custody. Also, be sure to note the threats — times, dates and exactly what was said. Also, I don't know the age of your child, but you might want to ensure that the child has a say in the matter, too — but who is also protected.