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Hello, Amy.

I was raped this last summer, and the rapist hasn't been charged. I am wondering what to do next?

I already turned him in but it seems like he is getting away with it. It has happened before and someone has turned him in but he has had nothing happen to him, he keeps getting away with it.

I'm confused.


I'm sorry that your case hasn't made more progress.

When you say you turned him in, I assume you mean to the polliceo the police? If so, then there should be an investigator assigned to this case and you can follow up through that person.

Ultimately, it should go to the district attorney's office. They determine if there is enough evidence to pursue. It's not that they would be challenging/determining whether or not you were actually raped, but in pursuing rape cases, there are very specific parameters. They also have to make sure that they have enough evidence. I hope you can follow up with whomever reported the case for you.

Take care -- and it's great that you reported it. Too often these cases go unreported.

Good luck,

-- Amy