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I live in Michigan and a friend of mine recently revealed to me she was in a date-rape situation.

This occurred four years ago and what I would like to know is what the statute of limitation laws are in my state and if my friend could indeed press charges now.


Unfortunately, I don't know what the statue of limitations is in Michigan -- most states average around 3 years. And sadly even with that it's really hard to prosecute, especially if a proper rape kits wasn't administered, etc..

This certainly isn't a fair scenario, but it seems the norm. Rarely does justice prevail. Though, I would certainly encourage her to pursue it -- having a record will help if he commits another crime -- it's good to have this documented. For better information contact -- RAINN and they can put you in touch with state based resources. [Editor's note: Here is a good reference from RAINN regarding different state's limitations]

Good luck,

-- Amy