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Hi Amy,

My name is Liana, and I am a desperate victim, being raped by a powerful cardiologist. I was raped in his office and I reported it to the authorities 4 months later. I don't have any proof. He has been stalking me since then without leaving any trace to mark to him. I feel so hopeless, angry and humiliated. This man knows the law and he's done a lot without being judged by the law.

I am so desperate to prove that he raped me and how.




I'm assuming that since you first reported it that you have since kept some sort of log on his efforts to contact you? All of these little "clues" help to build a case. Dates, times, etc. It's important to be very specific. It's unclear if you have actually filed a lawsuit or if you are just waiting for something more substantial to happen. Many rapes aren't adequately reported and that doesn't stop people from filing reports against rapists. I think that you should pursue the case, of course, being open to the possibility that justice rarely comes in that form. The system sadly isn't set up to honor the grey area and that is where most rape cases fall.

That said, I think that you can find justice in other ways, ways that are more unique to your situation. I hope that you can figure out what to do, going to the media, telling his patients, confronting him, pursuing a case...whatever it is that will make you feel safe and vindicated.

Good luck,

-- Amy