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Dear Feminist.com,

Tampa ABC News aired video footage from a school bus of a school girl being gang-raped by 5 boys. I was in the middle of watching Harry Potter (a children’s movie) while studying Saturday night and they aired the footage on their commercial. I was so disturbed, I called the TV station to prevent them from airing the footage again during their programmed time and they did not care. I left the station on and needless to say they did air the footage plus a “close-up”.

I’m so upset I cannot even explain. I’ve been emailing officials to correct this issue. I’m also trying to get the station to apologize to the victim and her family. I’m a survivor myself, so I’m trying to take care of this issue, because it is very disturbing.Can you help?

Thank you,



Your story is outrageous. The family programming aside, that shouldn't be aired. I'm assuming you mean they mentioned it, not that they actually showed it. The latter would border on pornography and that certainly wouldn't be allowed.

I did share your note with a friend who does lots of work with media on limiting the amount of torture and violence that they show, based on what is legally allowed. I will let you know if she reports differently, but in general, you should take the steps you have taken, reaching out to the network, etc. Also try RAINN or another group working specifically on the issue of violence against women, they might have information of when this has happened before and what was done.

Good luck and great that you are addressing it

-- Amy