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Dear Amy, 

I am a university student majoring in Women’s Studies, and I'm currently doing a research paper on violence against women. I'd like to know more about the third wavers' view on the topic, their strategies and how it has evolved, built on the earlier feminist movement's (first wave particularly) attempts to end violence against women. In other words I'd like to know how the third wavers critique the value of actions towards end of the violence against women by first and second wavers.

I appreciate it if you could share your point of view.




Dear Nazanin,

I think that the Vagina Monologues is a good example of how Third Wave feminists are working on this issue, not only the medium (i.e. using theatre), but also the message. The goals of VDay were not only about highlighting the bad, but rectifying the bad by pointing out how women could and should sexual liberate themselves.

Also, I think that groups like The Empowered  Program, which includes the work of Rosalind Wiseman, also point to a slight generational difference, their work is about self-empowerment. I also think that in this generation we are focusing on the male part of the equation, and stopping the violators as much as helping those who are violated. I hope that helps.

Good luck,

-- Amy