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Violence Against Women 

I am a domestic abuse survivor. I want to help other women and get active, but I do not know where to start. I have put in an application to the local women’s shelter. I want to do more and be active in all areas of women’s issues. I live close to NYC. Could you please give me some specific advice of where I can start and what I can do?

Thank you for being willing to share your experience (and thus expertise) on this issue in order to benefit others. I know of many great organizations in NYC that focus on this issue—my favorite being Sanctuary for Families. I also know about Women In Need and Safe Horizon, and of course, there are more community-based groups as well. I am sure there is something in your immediate area, and I am always a fan of working as locally as you can. I think that you should approach a local group—you can find one via 800.799.SAFE.




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