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I am currently working on a research project at school. I am interested in looking at the Mexican American community of women in Orange County, California. I am looking at how machismo affects the reported incidents of marital rape in this community. I feel that marital rape may be occurring in this community more than it is being reported.

I do not know what organizations to contact to see if I can interview women that have been through this kind of abuse or that have reported domestic abuse before. Do you have numbers or organization names in the Orange County, California area that I can contact? I appreciate your help greatly.

Thank You,



Dear Miriam,

Your proposed research immediately reminded me of a book by Michelle Find and Lois Wise, The Unknown City, which looks at different working class communities and the different racial/ethnic dynamics within those communities. Domestic violence is one issue they pay particular attention to and what they talk about is the different ways that white, African American and Latino women respond to this issue. Specifically - white women are likely to speak-out about violence, making it a priority to seek resources; African-Americans speak-out, but say something to the effect of "yes it's a problem, but I have other things in my life that are more important for me to deal with." Latina women are more likely to say "that's between me and my family and it's no one else's business."

These findings seem to correspond with what you are saying, so this book might be one resource for you. As for specific groups -- given this approach from the Latina community, my instinct is that you should go directly to Latina women's groups focusing on any issue, rather than going to domestic violence groups looking for Latina women. My thinking is that given their commitment to their community, community resources will be safer space for them.

I hope that helps - and good luck with your research.

- Amy


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