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Dear Amy,

A year ago, on one of my friends 16th birthday, she was raped. Now for an English speech I decided to make my fellow classmates aware of how real and serious rape is. At the adolescent age we're at, we are most likely to be targeted. I hope you do reply to me as I really do need help to make others aware.

Thank you,



Dear Kaylea,

It's great that you are going to educate your classmates on the prevalence and reality of rape. I'm assuming your friend doesn't want you to "go public" with her experience, but perhaps you can use it anonymously. I suggest this because personal stories are what will most likely move people or make an impact. I receive far too many emails from girls, who, like your friend, were raped and are at varying stages of dealing with it. You might want to read some of these stories as a starting place. Again, I think that these personal stories make the greatest impact. Also, make sure to check out the Rape and Incest National Network.

Good luck

- Amy


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