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Dear Ma'am;

I am a 39 year old woman. I was seeing a psychiatrist for depression. He has been sexually assaulting me for several years. When I reported him to the hospital, he had me barred from the hospital. Now I cannot and have not received my medications since December 5, 2003. I have called several organizations for help, but no one seems to care. This doctor is the Chief of the department and can be very intimidating. He has threatened me and has demanded I sign a contract stating that he will be my only treating doctor and that I have to continue to be treated by him. I refused to sign the document and I was barred from coming to the hospital, prevented from receiving my medications and preventing from seeing my Orthopedic for necessary treatment of a knee injury.

I am presently in severe pain and my knee is going out on me. The depression is almost unbearable. I cannot sleep and I need my medications and your help.

Thank you,




Dear T,

You seem to be dealing with two issues -- one, is your immediate medical care and the second is how to properly reprimand this doctor.

On the former, I suggest consulting another doctor, obviously with a different hospital affiliation.

On the latter, I suggest filing a complaint with the American Medical Association and initiating a review into his performance.

Good luck and take care,

— Amy

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