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My question is: why do feminists not embrace guns as a means to defend themselves from violent attacks by men? Statistics show that, on a yearly basis, more than 2.5% of violent crimes in the U.S. are thwarted by the potential victim having a gun. In only 1% of those cases is a weapon actually discharged. The violent criminal almost always flees when confronted by a potential victim if that person shows that they have the ability to defend themselves. Your own statistics on this web site show that the vast majority of rapes are done by an unarmed perpetrator. Might I suggest that each and every feminist join the NRA, take an NRA sanctioned gun safety class, arm yourselves, and stop the violence!

If even only one woman in ten was in possession of a handgun, the evil men who perpetrate violence upon women would not dare risk death to work their evil, and millions of violent crime victims would be freed of the burden of victimhood which will otherwise be their lot. March, organize, make noise, do whatever you like to discourage violence against women, but please also do something that works. Learn how to safely use a gun, purchase one, and STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!


Guns and feminism do have a relationship. I think the movement has been more focused on how guns in the home are often used in domestic violence and how even when a guns equalizes physical-strength differences between men and woman, somehow more wives/ girlfriends every year are killed by guns in domestic violence than husbands/boyfriends.

More guns less violence? Our country has more guns (per capita) and more deaths by guns than any other OECD nation: US 31,000 in 1996 vs. UK 50, Canada 20, Japan 5. There some 200 million guns in the country , one for every home and somehow more guns actually provides more violence. Probability and facts also tell us if you have a gun in the home, you or a member of your home is 40 times more likely to be involved in gun violence than if you don't possess a gun. This seems logical as well - i.e. if you drive a car every day you are more likely to be involved in a car accident than someone who never drives.

All this said a woman who feels her environment is unsafe should have the right to possess a gun. I would also encourage safety training, marksmanship, the more training the experience the better. Funny enough, the NRA has fought all laws that would require such training to own a gun. They have consistently fought registration, closing loopholes at gun shows, background checks, and trigger locks. They make it easier for felons, irate companions and others to obtain guns. They posses the same mentality as those who feel requiring seat belts is an infringement on personal freedom, even though they save lives. They are also a consistent supporter of political candidates such as John Ashcroft who would take away a woman's right to choose. I would never encourage a woman to join the NRA. But thanks for sharing your opinion, regardless.




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