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I don't know if Gloria Steinem has an e-mail address, but I wanted to praise her when she stated that we need a revolution on 20/20. I believe in the natural law of physics that states that for every extreme there is (or needs to be) an extreme. I believe that the global trafficking of women and children / the commodification of women and children for any kind of sexploitation purposes is definitely an extreme. I feel that the sex trafficking issue should be on the forefront of all women's issues.

I feel as if there is a sense of extreme imbalance in this patriarchal, class systems. I feel the utmost hatred towards this pathetic boys-club system. I can not explain the hatred that I have for the patriarchal, class systems. I believe we need a revolution to counteract this violent, boys-club system we live in. I believe in extreme measures 'by all means necessary' need to be taken in order for the purpose of an egalitarian, classless society. I don't vote. I will not vote for Capitalist scum and never will, whether male or female. I have principles. I joined the Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women not too long ago. They have a site on the Internet. However, things seem to be moving too slow in my life time or even going backwards. I want immediate action and results. Now. Not tomorrow. Now. Not one day should go by where a woman or child is objectified or / and commodified anywhere in the world. Do you know of any leftist, radical feminist organizations? Please let me know. Thanks, Andrea

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and though Gloria Steinem doesn't have email we faxed your note to her. I also faxed a copy of your letter to Equality NOW--a great group whose mission is to make sure that human rights includes women's rights. They have been a leader on the recent trafficking legislation. Working with groups such as the Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Sisterhood is Global Institute--to negotiate with/lobby the State Department. So, I think that you should get liked up with Equality NOW. Their web site is www.equalitynow.org and their phone number is: (212) 586-0906. That should keep you involved--and thanks for doing so.

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