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Why isn't there a list of known rapists in each state, so people can look for known offenders in ther own county where they live? These people are a piece of crap. No one deserves that. I am a guy and it makes me sick to think these predators have rights! My wife was raped and taken advantaged of twice when she was a teen ager and now that I finally got all the facts and now can figure out why all the problems I've had with her sexually in the last 14 yrs. But now that I'm on the net I type things just looking to see if there is any prevention at all and there's nothing, nothing. All these offenders should be listed so that no other girl has to be subjected to this kind of inhuman behavior. I hope you take my letter seriously, I am a master in kung fu and I train women all the time in self defense hoping that if they're ever attacked they can defend themselves... Thanks for listening!! Mark

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--thanks, too for your rage, care and concern--all of which were taken seriously. I agree with your recommendation about "outing" these rapists. This is done partially through something called "Megan's Law", which allows people to post known child abusers. (Though I don't know the specifics--the Justice Department should.) There was also the Brown University example, where women wrote the names of rapists on bathroom stalls. This is similar to Take Back the Night marches/rallys, where women often name the rapists out loud. So it does happen in some ways, but certainly needs to happen more if we are to make it known as the crime that it is.

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