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I am very disturbed by the very credible allegations that Clinton is a rapist (not to mention the awfully inadequate reponses of the feminist organizations).

Rape is an important women's issue, and it is not OK to let this rest!! Are YOU doing anything about it? Is there any movement among women, rape survivors/advocates that you know of? Please tell me, where can I focus my activism? I want to call for Clinton's resignation, and I don't care if it's a quixotic mission, someone has to speak out.

Looking forward to hearing from someone...Janet

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. As you alluded, these are very serious allegations that President Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. As with Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and others, I have listened to the women and I believe their stories. So, yes, we need to listen to Juanita and her story. We also need to listen to what actions she wants to take. She is not pressing charges and we can't force her to. What we can do is use this as an opportunity to encourage people to report their rapes soonest and be there to support them when they do. With that in mind, I suggest you contact a local rape crisis center. (See the database of women's services listed at FEMINIST.COM for a center near you.) Thanks


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