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Hi. My name is Karin. I am a student of Sociology and women's studies at St. Cloud State in Minnesota. I am currently working on establishing an informational program into our center for international studies department. I would like the program to incorporate facts about sexual assault and among other things I have decided that it would be beneficial to include places in Europe that people can call if they have been sexually assaulted and need help. I am having a difficult time locating these places and their numbers, so I am hoping you may be of some assistance. If you have any information or suggestions please let me know. Thanks a lot for your time.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com. To help you in your efforts to link up with international programs working to help people who have been sexually assaulted, I have a few suggestions:

1.) The V-Day Anti-Violence Resource Guide, which is located here at Feminist.com--by contacting some of these U.S. organizations you can link up with international organizations. Specifically, you should contact the Women's Rights Network (based in Boston, MA; (617) 832-1276/1277; e-mail) - they are an international network of people working to end violence against women, so they, in a sense, are exactly what you want/need.

2.) The Global Fund for Women, which funds programs such as these, therefore, they should have appropriate contact information.

3.) The Sisterhood is Global Institute--they have international contacts of this sort.

Follow-up Note:

Dear Amy at Feminist.com,

Thank you for your efforts in helping me find international crisis centers! This was my first time at your website and I am amazed at how thorough and fast you guys were to help me... it makes me feel great to know that I am not the only woman out there who cares about women everywhere. Here's to the movement! - Karin Roth


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