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Do you have any information on what a female victim can do who was sexually assaulted (raped) by a police officer investigator?

Thanks for your note. Your email has me both worried and concerned. I hope that whoever you are talking about has been able to find some support. I'm not sure what she has done thus far, therefore, it's hard to make further suggestions. For instance, even though she was assaulted by a police officer, has she tried reporting it to the police--at a minimum in a nearby precinct who might be more willing to listen.

Also, has she gone to the emergency room or to a doctor? Perhaps the doctor could intervene on her behalf--as well as could a social worker. It's no secret that police officers are guilty of this type of injustice and it's also no secret that his "buddies" are likely to protect him--even if it means going against what is right, and what is under their job's description.

Another option--especially given the potential injustice have been done--is to go to a lawyer. However, my guess is that a lawyer is going to want you to have taken the above suggested steps first.

I hope that helps--and I hope this woman is okay.


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