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To all women who read this web site, I am sure you are aware of the recent string of rapes that have been occuring at the University of Massachusettes at Amherst. I do not attend school there but I lived in Amherst for six years and have several close female friends who attend school there who are frightened to walk alone at any time of day. One of the attacks occured in broad daylight during a rally to gain support for awareness of what is occuring on campus. Having lived in this town I can see how people would be more afraid then elsewhere, Amherst is a small town and for someone to intentionally do this is sick and a definite sociopath. The police and the school have been as active as they should be in this matter that is why as women we need to demand stiffer penalites for people who are guilty of rape.

It makes me sick that someone can rape a woman which forever damages her life and the guilty can get out of jail in five to six years or maybe less for "good behavior". There needs to be mandaory life sentences for those who are guilty of rape! Please email me with a response on this matter. Thank you my sisters.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I am aware of the rapes that have been happening in Amherst--I have a friend who lives there and who has tried to hand out rape protection whistles to women on the campuses. Of course, there needs to be stricter sentences for rapists and this is something that many people have been urging for. It's all the more corrupt, when you learn that in New York State someone caught with 4 ounces of drugs can serve 10 to 15 years even if it's a first offense and a rapist can serve only a fraction of that. Thanks for raising your voice about these inconsistencies and this injustice.

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