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My name is Sara and I am a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am seeking information on the feminist and the non-feminist perspectives of rape. Any suggestions of where to find such information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help given!

I don't really know that there is a feminist perspective and a non-feminist perspective on rape--as there is those who support 1.) acknowledging it and are working to eradicate it and 2.) those who don't really think it's a problem. The former tend to be feminist and the latter anti-feminists.

The problem is that people don't really know how to define rape--and when the word is even mentioned it conjures up violent images and usually passive women who were drunk or walking home "too late." In reality, rape should include all violations that happen sexually--including those that happen in our own homes with nary a scream because the women fear for their lives. This isn't just a "feeling" of violation, but a force put upon someone--though force doesn't always equal ripped clothing. For instance, child sexual abuse--is really rape, but we pamper the term because people can't believe the possibilities.

Feminists support funding for rape crisis centers, education of women and men about the possibilities of rape, educating police departments and emergency rooms about what rape is and how to detect it, and legislation that makes it easy for people to pursue and prosecute rapists. Those who oppose even acknowleding that rape is a problem--really don't think it needs any such attention.

Does that help?


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