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I am an advocate for women who works at a battered women's shelter. I was wondering - is it a new trend that I am not aware about that men are becoming advocates at women's shelters? And if so when did this trend begin?

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for all of the work you clearly have been doing on behalf of battered women. I don't know if there is necessarily a trend that men are advocating at women's shelters--however, I do know that over the past few years there has been increased attention given to how men need to play a role in ending violence--given that they are the majority of the perpetrators. We can no longer just protect the women--because that hasn't curbed the problem. So, yes, I do think that more men are attempting to be allies to women both by working with organizations that are in place to protect the women and that are trying to "cure" the men.

It has a greater impact if a fellow male says "it's not good to hit your wife" than it does if a woman says "don't hit me." Also, there are many books coming out that examine malehood and masculinity--this will certainly add to the increase. Let's hope it leads to us someday no longer needing battered women's shelters. I hope that helps.


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