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Playing on the Internet I stumbled across you. Perhaps you have already addressed this or can tell me where to research further: I have just received my Masters (I'm 48) and one of my classmates (49) and I were discussing "what's next." She is an amazing artist (I just bought one of her pieces for over $1K....I put my money where my mouth is), and I am a writer/artist/community organizer. We have both had "interesting" lives which are reflected in our art work. Neither of us are enamored with bright lights and big cities - we want to find a way to share our stories with other women - I am a domestic violence survivor and she is a homelessness survivor...we both feel we were given these challenges in our lives in order to learn, grow and share - the "share" being a significant part of our pathway on this planet.

Do you know of any on-line discussion/networking groups/whatever that might hook us into an opportunity to share? She lives in Mass. I live in Maryland. There are others, but she is the one with whom I most recently had this conversation (we are part of the Goddard College community). Thanks. Great Board. - Tammy

Thanks for your note and for sharing your energy with us. I was so inspired by you and your friend---and know that others would be, too. Sometimes just initiating consciouness raising groups in your neighborhood--maybe a local women friendly bookstore--is the best way to share experiences and inspire others by your own experiences. Since you mentioned being a survivor of domestic violence--you might want to volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter. The few that I am aware of offer discussions groups with others who have been through similar things--and your example is great--because it sounds like you left an abusive relationship - something too few of us are brave enough to do. Also, with more and more talk in the media about both domestic violence and homelessness--there are more outlets to share these things in a public way--and in turn dispel the media's often misrepresentation of both domestic violence and homelessness.

Good luck to you and your friend and I hope the above is helpful.


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