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I was browsing the Internet, and I found this web page. I am also very interested in your organization and I would like to request information on domestic violence. I am interested in finding out what a battered women can do. How does the law help her? What is being done to protect women? Do you have any information on the Battered Woman Syndrome? - Therese

Thank you for your note and for your interest. The most immediate thing for a battered woman to do is to report the battery to the local police and to also notify a local shelter and/or organization that works with women and men around family violence issues. Laws set up around domestic violence are technically suppose to protect the woman and/or man from any harm--physical, verbal, sexual. The problem with laws surrounding violence is they concentrate on prevention more than a cure--i.e. they do very little about educating the batterers on how "wrong" violence is. In the last few years more and more has been done around Domestic Violence, including President Clinton signing the Violence Against Women Act. Some states have issued beepers and/or cellular telephones to women who have been battered. With these they can contact the police immediately if their batterer approaches. To learn more about all of the above and to receive more specific information, you should contact:

Good luck and I hope the above was helpful.


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