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At school I was assaulted. This guy grabbed my crotch and slapped me, to defend myself, I kicked him but the school won't do anything and since no one saw him, they say nothing can be done. On the day they were investigating it they let him play in the football game too. I feel as though I'm being discriminated against. Do you have any advice?

Thanks for your note - and yes, I do think that you are being discriminated against. Unfortunately, even if they did believe that he did it, the likely response would be something to the effect of "you asked for it" or "what's the big deal." Attacks on women - physical, verbal, sexual - are still not treated seriously, because to do so, would require admitting that women are equal partners and not just sexual beings.

Have you tried going to a teacher that you trust to talk about this? As an argument, if it happened to you it is likely to happen again. Also, you should talk to your parents or the local newspapers - the last thing that your school wants is for the public to know that they are not 'taking their students seriously.' If you don't actually contact the papers, it could be a good threat.

Good luck - and know that by standing up and speaking out you are likely to prevent other women from experiencing harassment.


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