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My name is Odessa and I am currently a student at Hunter College in my third year. I am researching battered women presently but am truly interested in some information concerning the effects of a dyfunctional home on an adolecent female and her sexual behavior. I would like to conduct my search on the Internet but currently have found no information at all. If you have any knowledge of links or even suggestions they will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your attention and keep up the great work!

You might want to contact an online service called CAVNET which deals with issues of violence and abuse. CAVNET (Communities Against Violence Network) is a moderated e-mail list on the Internet addressing violence from a feminist perspective. There is no charge to subscribe. Established in May of 1996, there are currently over 500 subscribers from around the world.

Subscribers to CAVNET include survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and incest, as well as lawyers, law students, shelter workers, shelter directors, doctors, nurses, police chiefs and other members of law enforcement, rape crisis counselors, rape crisis center directors, national coalitions, feminist organizations, experts in violence against women from a variety of fields, members of religious organizations, and many others.

It would be great to put this on their service as a question. Good Luck.


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