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Someone, and hopefully soon, will create for the WWW posting a comprehensive listing of sexual and child molestors on a per State basis that will permit members of local communities to look up, by a person's name, if the individual is or has been convicted of these types of crimes against women and children. If you know of such a registry or service, I would appreciate hearing back from you.

Everyone should definitely be aware of who has been convicted of sexual and child abuse---it's one form of our own self-defense.

"Megan's Law", which was passed in California, (and I'm sure there are other versions in other states) has a clause which allows cities/communities to post--in a public place (I think)--the names of those who are convicted sexual and child molestors. So that is a start. Perhaps when more states enact similar laws, we can have this public forum on the Internet and everywhere.

Thanks for sharing your idea and I hope that this exchange alone will inspire people to do this in their own communities.


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