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A friend of mine who is a massage therapist was talking to me the other day about her idea to volunteer to give free massages at a local battered women's shelter. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and could be very powerful in helping abused women to experience healing touch, as opposed to the kind they've been suffering. I told her I would try to put the idea out on the Internet, to encourage massage therapists around the country to think about similarly volunteering their time.

If you think this is worthwhile, please respond to this message and I can put you in touch with my friend, who is also a registered nurse who specialized in psychological work before starting her own business. - Rose

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for sharing your idea, which I think is great. I guess I follow the principle of healthy body/healthy mind--when one is down the other is bound to be, too. Massage not only frees the body, but the mind, too.

I'm hoping that by posting your note here at FEMINIST.COM, other massage therapists will see and will be inspired to volunteer their talent.

Thanks for the idea---and I'm sure the battered women will thank you, too, as well as the massage therapists who now have an excuse to put their work to a good cause.


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