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My Daughter Laurie is being verbally abused and a little physical abuse. He is taking away her self esteem and calling her names, said he will get a hit man, been married eight years, on and on. Our question is what do parents do? Our daughter said she is trying to work it out. They have three children - two years to seven. Thank you for your help in advance.

I'm not sure where you are geographically, so I can't make any specific referrals. However, based on what you have said about your daughter's relationship, she needs to get advice from those who deal with the issue of violence. As you know, situations like this can escalate when you least expect it. In New York City there is a great organization called Victim Services. They offer counseling and referrals and would be a good place for your daughter to start. They have the best information about deescalating situations and "tell tale" signs about when a situation needs to be acted on. There is also the Family Violence Prevention Fund. They are based in San Francisco, but are a national organization. They deal with referrals of this nature and have an 800# to help do so.

Good luck to you and your daughter and thank you for being concerned parents and for helping your daughter know how to make informed choices.


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