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Last night I witnessed what appeared to be a domestic violence act. A girl was crying and calling a guy she was walking with a "real loser" as he was walking away from her. As he continued walking away, she kept running after him and proceeded to punch him in the back of the head. He rebutted by shoving her backwards. She hit him again and he punched her back. She ran to catch up with him and hit him again. This time he slammed her head against a car. I am a man of about the same stature as the guy involved. Question: Should I have gotten involved and if so, what steps should I have taken?

I can really only offer what I would have hoped I would have done--although if I were caught in that actual situation, specifics might have determined a different response. First, I would have said "stop" or something. Mostly to let them know that other people were watching. Sometimes that is enough of a deterrent. I also would have at least tried to ask "are you okay?" I also would have followed the situation to see if it looked like it was getting worse. Since both parties were actively engaged in this fight...it seems like a drunken outburst. Pending how I was interpreting the event, I might have called the police.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I hope that everything worked out--and that this was an "unusual occurance."


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