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I'm a high school student, male, doing a research paper on the female mind in abusive relationships. I want to find out why there are so many women out there in abusive relationships who don't try, or even want, to get out of them. However, right now I need sources to satisfy my reader/advisor. I was wondering if you know of any published books, or journals that may have what I am looking for and are accessible by me. I do have access to our local Oakland University in SE Michigan, but even that library is not extremely vast. I just found out that our working source list is due on this Friday and If you could help by then it would be great, but even after that date I would appreciate any help you are able to give. Thank you, Jacob

I think that the short answer to "why women get into abusive relationships" is because they devalue their self-worth or they lack self-esteem. Another common reason is that there are two patterns that result from early childhood abuse. Men who are abused as boys tend to go on and be abusers; women who are abused as girls tend to go on and be abused. There is more on this in the Courage to Heal by Judith Herman. Other books you might want to check out are: anything by Ann Jones.

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