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Hello, I am writing a research paper for my Tae Kwon Do / Self-Defense class at a local community college. I am in need of information relating to the following: When attacked, what percentage of women fight back? What percentage of women submit to the attacker's demands? What seems to be the more effective strategy? I hope you can help me if you have access to any such statistics and/or articles about this topic. Just so you know, my teacher is a very big semi-macho type, but I am proud to say he very openly offered the class your e-mail address as a resource. Progress, eh? Thank you. Kathleen

Thanks for your note and I'm so envious that you are taking Tae Kwon Do classes. A few friends of mine have taken self-defense courses--and I've watched on as they become totally empowered by this experience.

For help finding the statistics that you are looking for, I suggest that you contact Roz Wiseman of the Empower Program: 6925 Willow Street, NW #228, Washington, DC; (202) 882-2800 or visit the Empower web site.


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