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Hi, my name is Colette, I am an undergraduate student in England. I am currently writing my dissertation about domestic violence. In my research it appears to be apparent that many women who grow up in abusive environments as children enter into abusive relationships when adults. It seems that enduring the abuse has a prolonged effect upon the self esteem and self perception of the victim. It seems that over time the victim begins to question whether or not that is the sort of treatment they are "destined" to have in life and thereby subconsciously seek out a continuous pattern of being abused. Would you agree with this take on the subject?, what are your views? Yours, Colette

From what I have read about abuse--child, domestic, etc...--is that it is a cycle of abuse. The majority of women who are abused go on to be in other abusive relationships/situations. The majority of men who abuse, go on to be abusers. I guess that both of these "manifestations" could be attributed to "low self-esteem." To learn more about this I suggest that you reference the work of Judith Herman (author of Father Daughter Incest and Trauma and Recovery) and Sandra Bloom's latest book Creating Sanctuary. I also suggest that you read Gloria Steinem's Revolution From Within--and specifically the chapter "It's Never Too Late for a Happy Childhood."

I hope this helps and good luck with your research.


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