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Hi. My name is Brett and I am a senior in High School. Recently, my AP English class was holding a discussion on FGM. I would really appricate if you can possible mail me some information pertaining on what laws and actions have been taken out but the United States relating to FGM. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your note and for educating your class on FGM. To help you with your research, I suggest you contact Equality NOW. Also, please look for other references from past Ask Amy's. I especially suggest the work of Alice Walker, Efua Dorkenoo, and Hanny Lightfoot Kline. Also, you should contact the World Health Organization and other UN agencies. Also, I know that Senator Ted Kennedy has initiated legislation on ending FGM in the United States. So a call to his office (202-224-4543) might be a good first stop for U.S. policies.

I hope this helps and good luck.


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