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Daily Exclusives From the Women's Media Center

Six Crucial Questions for All Presidential Candidates By Robin Morgan

Women's Media Center Investigation: 10-Year Review of Gender & Emmy Nominations Infographic

A Movement to Bring Feminism to High School Classrooms By Holly Kearl

Ten Years After Katrina: Women Heroes of the Recovery by Pamela Jenkins

Campus Rape and the Power of Early Sex Education to Make a Difference by Susan Buttenwieser

Meryl Streep and New York Women in Film and TV Combine Forces for Women Writers by Kristal Brent Zook

Rights Under Siege: On the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Activists are Fighting Back by Judith Browne Dianis

Activists Organize for Women’s Rights in Armenia by Emily Wilson

Military Changes Course on Psychiatric Discharge for Sexual Assault Survivor by Paula J. Caplan

Steinem and Mankiller School for Organizers by Carol Jenkins

Meet the Woman Journalist Behind Early US-Cuba Talks by Kristal Brent Zook

Announcing the WMC Speech Project at the Sixth Annual Women in the World Summit

20 Years After Beijing, How Are We Doing? by Marianne Schnall

Rwanda 20 Years Later By Jacqueline Murekatete

Why Colleges Need To Fund Sexual Health Counseling By Alice W.

Global Feminism in One Place? It’s Possible! By Patricia Valoy

Honoring Game Changers at the Women’s Media Awards By Marianne Schnall

MAKERS Asks (and Answers): Where Are the Women? By Amy Richards

"My Brooklyn"—Prejudice, Policy and Gentrification By Agunda Okeyo

Sotomayor—From the Bronx to the Bench By Emily Wilson

Hollywood—Don't They Want the Money? By Martha Lauzen

Myrlie Evers-Williams—Making Her Own History By Mary C. Curtis

Violence Against Women—Unfinished Business By Mary Ann Swissler

My Interview with Sally Ride By Margaret McMullan

Underpaid by Law – A Waitress’s Story By Hayley Day

Marissa Mayer—Out of Touch with Women Workers? By Barbara Andridge

The Case for Empathy—Open Hearts May Open Minds By Mary C. Curtis

Leaning In Can Get You Laid Out By Courtney Martin

Sarai Sierra Case Dominates Turkish Media—To What End? By Alyson Neel

Sotomayor—From the Bronx to the Bench By Emily Wilson

Nepotism Is Not Feminism By Ashwini Tambe

Strike, Dance, Rise! Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising By Marianne Schnall

Hollywood—Don’t They Want the Money? By Martha Lauzen

Myrlie Evers-Williams—Making Her Own History By Mary C. Curtis

The Good, the Bad, and Django By Agunda Okeyo

Abortion Services: A Family Doctor’s Perspective By Ellen Sweet

India Tragedy Seen as Transitional Moment by Holly Kearl

Violence Against Women—Unfinished Business By Mary Ann Swissler

My Interview with Sally Ride By Margaret McMullan

The Longest, Darkest Night Of The Year By Robin Morgan

On Susan Rice and How a Non-candidate Is Treated By Mary C. Curtis

Underpaid by Law – A Waitress’s Story By Hayley Day

The Parable of Bedrock’s Fiscal Cliff by Susan Feiner

A Human Rights Politician in the ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ By Michelle Tolson

“Warehoused” with Mental Illness—A Filmmaker’s Story By Mary Ann Swissler

Living in the Path of Drones By Lys Anzia

WMC Award Winners Assess Media Progress By Marianne Schnall

Behind the Headlines—Sharing the Spotlight with David Petraeus By Robin Morgan

Of Fantasy Sluts and Real-Life Survivors By Kristal Brent Zook

2012 Elections: Women Make Their Mark By Peggy Simpson

Election Coverage Falls Short on “Women’s Issues” By Kristal Brent Zook

"I Am Neda"—Beyond the Icon By Marianne Schnall

Who's Really Taking Responsibility in America? By Ellen Bravo

Native American Voters Can Make a Difference By Cristina L. Azocar

America’s Girls Need Sports By Kathryn Olson

Feel Like Letting Your Geek Flag Fly? By Amy DePaul

Treaty to Control Arms Trade Derailed For Now by Shazia Z. Rafi

Missing the 'Big Story' –on Purpose By Mary C. Curtis

Egyptians Mobilize Against Sexual Harassment By Holly Kearl

Feel Like Letting Your Geek Flag Fly? By Amy DePaul

Treaty to Control Arms Trade Derailed For Now by Shazia Z. Rafi

Missing the 'Big Story' –on Purpose By Mary C. Curtis

Egyptians Mobilize Against Sexual Harassment By Holly Kearl

Life in Lady Writer Heaven By Courtney E. Martin

Filmmakers Find Surprises at an Islamic School for Girls in Syria By Amy DePaul

If Women Ran Hollywood . . . 2012 By Martha Lauzen

Nuns and Virgins By Caryl Rivers

Women’s Magazines and the Cult of Hypocrisy By Laura Bates

Katniss and Merida—Year of the Heroic Archer? By Catherine Scott

Nora Ephron—An Appreciation By M. G. Lord

"Having it All?"—The Wrong Question for Most Women By Ellen Bravo

"We Are the Girls from Seton High" By Mary C. Curtis

Burmese Nobel Laureate after 21 Years By Elayne Clift l

Ms. Is Celebrated in the City of its Birth By Shelby Knox

Women of the Roundtable By Lucinda Marshall

Nuns Mad as Hell By Adele M. Stan

Justice Ginsburg Should Continue to Raise Her Vital Voice By Nichola D. Gutgold

When "Jane" Comes Marching Home Again By Elayne Clift

Misogynistic Ads and the Oxygen of Publicity By Catherine Scott

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network By Marianne Schnal

A Mother's Day Conundrum By Paula J. Caplan

My Mom and the Bearded Lady By Courtney E. Martin

May Day with Occupy Oakland By Laura Rena Murray

Why Bad Sex Is Good—On HBO’s “Girls” By Madeleine Gyory

For “Birthers,” Honolulu Mom an Inconvenient Truth By Mary Ann Swissler

Young Feminists Go Live to Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights By Lauren Barbato

Victory for Prevention? By Mary Ann Swissler

Breaking in Two—Exploring Images of Motherhood By Lauren Barbato

The Feminicide Debate By Alice Driver

Martin-Zimmerman Tragedy: Could It Have Been Prevented? By Rita Smith

Trayvon Martin Case: Do We Communicate More, Listen Less? By Mary C. Curtis

Gender Is Key to the Bullying Culture By Jessie Klein

State Legislators Grab Platform to Defend Contraception By Peggy Simpson

Expanding Health Care Access—A Case Study By Dr. Sharon F. Ufberg

Lewd, Hateful Language Should Have No Place in Campus Debate By Ravenna Koenig

Men for Women’s Choice By Michael Kimmel, Michael Kaufman, and Harry Brod

Much to Celebrate By Christine Ahn

Giving Women’s History a Home By Marianne Schnall

Electoral Advertising is a Women’s Media Policy Nightmare By Ariel Dougherty

Girls Get Called "Slut" Everyday—They Could Be Making Friends Instead By Jessie Klein

Date Rape Revisited By Ellen Sweet

Feminist Film Festival With a Different Take By Melissa Silverstein

Hillary Clinton Launches Public Service Initiative By Marianne Schnall

Komen vs. Planned Parenthood—What's Going On? By Ellen Sweet

"Three Weeks in January: End Rape in Los Angeles" By Suzanne Lacy

Letting Girls Be Girls—A Global Campaign By Marianne Schnall

U.S. Acts on Women, Peace and Security By Lucinda Marshall

Faith-healing—A Modest Proposal on Religious Fundamentalism By Robin Morgan

Egypt—The Revolution Will Continue By Hoda Elsadda

U.S. Redefines Rape, Updating an 80-Year-Old Characterization of the Crime By Alexis Sclamberg

Sexual Politics at Penn State—An Inside Look By Kathleen Barry

Occupying the Occupy Movement By Robin Morgan

U.S. Senate Races: Democrats Look to a Strong Field of Women By Peggy Simpson

Needed—A Spotlight on Stalking By Alexis Moore

Obama's Epic #FAIL on Plan B By Adele M. Stan

At UN Climate Talks, Highly Trained Women Play Critical Role By Elayne Clift

A Child’s Holiday Wish By Ellen Bravo

Was Gertrude Stein a Hitler Fan? By Renate Stendhal

Media Heroes Recognized By Marianne Schnall

10 “Must Haves” for the Woman Who Would Be President By Diana Bartelli Carlin, Nichola D. Gutgold, and Theodore F. Sheckels

Egypt--Women Reporters Still at Risk By Josh Shahryar

OWS—Where Does Feminism Fit? By Lucinda Marshall

Breaking Bella—When Love Equals Violence By Caitlin Moran

Cornered in the Corner Office By Alexis Sclamberg

Liberian President’s Victory Is Marred by Low Turnout and Violence By Ruthie Ackerman

Voters Reject GOP State Initiatives—What’s the Message for 2012? By Peggy Simpson

In Fencer’s Hijab—Struggle and Inspiration By Laura Tillman

Is Crisis Our Opportunity To Acknowledge Interdependence? By Courtney E. Martin

Finding Home: Anita Hill 20 Years Later By Shiuan Butler

Domestic Abuse Fears Grow in Immigrant Communities By Laura Tillman

Changing the Landscape With Women's Media By Ariel Dougherty

Runoff Election Faces Liberian Winner of Peace Prize By Ruthie Ackerman

Our Bodies Ourselves at Forty By Elayne Clift

"Miss Representation"—Poised to Advance a Media Movement By Marianne Schnall

Our Bodies Ourselves at Forty By Elayne Clift

Margaret Cho (no surprise) Speaks Her Mind By Emily Wilson

Senator Gillibrand’s Call to Action By Marianne Schnall

Woman of Peace—Leymah Gbowee By Abigail E. Disney

"Femicide"—The Power of a Name By Diana E.H. Russell

Ericka Huggins and "Black Power Mixtape" By Emily Wilson

Seattle Law Advances Paid Sick Leave Campaign By Nick Licata and Marilyn P. Watkins

Connected—Tiffany Shlain's New "Autoblogography" By Emily Wilson

The Biology of Nurturing Fathers By Louise W. Knight

The Deep Black Hole of Women's History By Louise Bernikow

Listening to Women—Obama's Jobs Proposal By Ellen Bravo

Women at the Front—Two Reporters Join a Sisterhood By Elayne Clift

Taking On Big Ag—Is Monsanto Useful? By Catherine Epstein

"Higher Ground"—Vera Farmiga Takes Control By Emily Wilson

Make History With Your Media Activism on Women’s Equality Day By Gloria Feldt

Justice According to Jack Welch By Ellen Bravo

Underemployment Has Rewired My Brain By Katy June-Friesen

Finishing Strong—Older Women Athletes Show the Way By Elayne Clift

Gloria: In Her Own Words—Notes from a Young Feminist By Shelby Knox

Enough Mystiques to Go Around—And This One Is Masculine By Suzanne Braun Levine

The Wealth Gap—Race Defines It, But So Does Gender By Courtney Young

Antidepressants and Breast, Ovarian Cancer Link Suggested By Sharon Ufberg

Graffiti—Women Artists Make Their Mark By Elayne Clift

Why Voter ID Laws Will Disenfranchise Women By Debbie Hines

Why Soccer Matters By Kali Villarosa

The DSK Case: Gender, Race, Class and Politics By Debbie Hines

Paid Sick Days in Connecticut—It’s About Time By Ellen Bravo and Edith Prague

Yanar Mohammed—Iraqi Women’s Vigilant Champion by Marcia G. Yerman

Tearing Down the Wealth of Women by Amy Baker

Fairness for Defendants Who Survive Domestic Violence by Catherine Epstein

Missing Betty Ford By Mary Thom

Peace Laureates Take on the War on Women by Marianne Schnall

Jill Abramson—A Breakthrough at the NY Times, Decades in the Making by Patricia Sullivan

Many Roads to Their Truth—The Topp Twins by Emily Wilson

The Nation’s Moral Bankruptcy Crisis by Elayne Clift

The Feminization of the College Degree? by Kate McCormack

Now You See Them, Now You Don't by Merav Michaeli

When Bad News is Good News—Notes of a Feminist News Junkie by by Robin Morgan

Osama is Dead! Will the Healing Begin? by Noushin Darya Framke

Mother-Daughter Bonds - Realizing Their Power by Joyce McFadden

What It Will Take to Get Equal Pay by Ellen Bravo

Remembering Gerry and the Courage of Her Convictions by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Women Missing from the Campus Ballot by Kate C. Farrar and Susannah Shakow

"Made in India": Outsourcing Surrogate Motherhood by Sharon B. Ufberg

Female Faces from the Liberation Square by Iman Bibars

Wisconsin Budget Battle Targets Women and People of Color by Kate McCormack

Celebrating International Women's Day: Reflections from Natalie Portman, Maya Angelou and Other Renowned Women by Marianne Schnall

In Zimbabwe: She Won't Be Stopped by Sharon B. Ufberg

Defense of Marriage Act - Obama Changes His Mind by Alexis Sclamberg

From Tahrir Square: The City in the Field by Nawal El Saadawi

Violent Rhetoric Has Consequences—Just Ask Abortion Providers by Vicki Saporta

Arms Treaty Must Not Be Derailed By Valerie Plame Wilson

A Good Virus: Social Media Storytelling By Kathleen Sweeney

Ready for Right Now: Lessons from a Women's College By Anna Ziering

Anger. Apathy. Frustration. Disgust. By Linda Lowen

Why Mama Grizzlies Vote Pro-Choice By Gloria Steinem

Black Women Could Swing November's Vote By Debbie Hines

Why Christine O'Donnell Is Not a Joke By Shelby Knox

Women, Power and the Transformation of Leadership by Gloria Feldt

"Watch In" for Christiane Amanpour on ABC's This Week by Jill Marcellus

Power Play: Reversing the Recession's Toll on Women by Catherine Epstein

Women Should Be Sexualized – But Not Heard by Anna Ziering

Ani DiFranco: "Feminism Will Save the World" Interview by Jamia Wilson

A Palestinian Midwife Who Defies the Odds By Nida Khan

Time for a Woman (News) President by Anna Ziering

Generation Misunderstood By Courtney E. Martin

Maria Shriver Takes On Alzheimer's Advocacy By Marianne Schnal

Women and Wealth-Taking the Pulse By Jill Marcellus

Breaching the Concrete Ceiling by Linda Basch and Shyama Venkateswar

Prop 8: Let's Get Rid of Marriage Instead! by Sally Kohn

AIDS Breakthrough for Women by Linda Villarosa

HIV/AIDS: Raising a Clamor in Vienna by Kali Villarosa

Letter from a Mama Grizzly to Sarah Palin by Sally Kohn

Standing with Abortion Providers By Jodi Magee

U.S. Judge Faults Congress in Denying Same-Sex Marriage by Alexis Sclamberg

Women's Response to Chile Earthquake Immediate and Ongoing by Maxine Lowy

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard-Poised to Hold Her Own by Susan Hawthorne

Wonder Woman in Pants is Not a Feminist Win by Shelby Knox

Women Need Immigration Reform: What You Can Do About It by Kate McCormack

Honoring Helen Thomas by Jenny Warburg and Linda Belans

Surprise! Immigration Is A Woman's Issue! by Gloria Steinem and Pramila Jayapal

The Ground We Stand On by Achola O. Pala

Global Moms Bill: An Opening for the Administration to Keep Its Promises? by Megan Carpentier

The Lilly Awards Honor Women in Theatre By Melissa Silverstein

I've Seen First Hand What CEDAW Can Do by Letty Chiwara

Women's Stake in Fighting Arizona's New Law by Ellen Bravo

The Marriage Thingby Betsy Wade

Rhonda Copelon -- An Architect of Feminist Human Rights Law by Charlotte Bunch

Elena Kagan - The President's Choice by Debbie Hines

Shining a Light Under the Veil by Marianne Schnall

The Problems We Mothers Wish We Had by Sharon Lerner

On a Border Near Arizona: How Police Can Protect Immigrant Women by Laura Tillman

The Way We Talk About "Women’s Lit" by Courtney Young

Sexual Assault: Considering Those Most At Risk by Kate McCormack

The Tea Party Movement - Taking the Pulse by Peggy Simpson

The Tea Party Comes Out by Marie C. Wilson

Saving the Earth: What Science Can't Accomplish by Regina Cornwell

The Paycheck Fairness Act: Now an Economic Imperative by Linda D. Hallman

Obama's Supreme Court Choice: Plenty of Talent -- and an Opportunity by Debbie Hines

Remembering Abeer: Anatomy of a War Crime by Gail McGowan Mellor

"The Heretics": Women of the Heresies Collective By Emily Wilson

Leaders as Guides of Return: Wilma Mankiller By Gloria Steinem

Make Room on the Bench By Alexis Sclamberg

A Vibrant Encounter Space Online: The International Museum of Women By Sharon B. Ufberg

Women's History Spotlight: Jeannette Rankin By Emily Wilson

Historic Health Care Vote Leaves Women Feeling Shortchanged By Jen Nedeau

Health Insurance: States Move Ahead on Curbing Costs By Giovanna Rossi Pressley and Susan Loubet

The Right to Choose: Family Lessons By Shruti Swamy

Is Wealth a Feminist Issue? By Latoya Peterson

New Hope for Progress Among U.S. Delegates to UN Meeting By Susan Loubet

In Chile, Bachelet Steps Down By Maxine Lowy

Tomorrow's Journalism By Mary Kay Blakely

Haiti: The Land of the Unknowns By Dr. Mana Lumumba-Kasongo

"Elders" Fight Misuse of Religion to Oppress Women and Girls By Marianne Schnall

A Transformative Oscar Moment By Melissa Silverstein

Health Care Reform-Obama's Challenge By Megan Carpentier

Benazir Bhutto: Uncensored and Unfettered By Sharmeen Gangat

Hollywood's Niche for Black Actresses By Courtney Young

Haiti: The Land of the Unknowns By Dr. Mana Lumumba-Kasongo

Just Not Married: Fighting for Equality on Valentine's Day Photo Essay by Leslie Von Pless

Sirleaf to Seek Second Term By Ruthie Ackerman

Eve Ensler's Mission: Awaken the Girl Self By Marianne Schnall

From Madam Gov. to Madam Pres. By Nichola D. Gutgold

Looking for a Leader We Can Believe In by Pramila Jayapal

Micro-lender Fonkoze to the Rescue in Haiti by Peggy Simpson

George Tiller: A Legacy of Trust by Jennifer Kerns

Haiti: Absent in Life, Death and On the Evening News by Amanda Furness

Women Healthcare Executives - Where are They in Health Care Debate? by Sharon Ufberg

Creating Molly Ivins, Red Hot Patriot by Margaret and Allison Engel

Mary Daly, 1928 to 2010 by Linda Barufladi

Seven Days to Preserve the Internet by Mary Alice Crim

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