Feminist.com's FemSalon Series
Fall 2012: Women & Money: Re-imagining Economics

Women & Money Resource List

Curated by Manisha Thakor
Founder/CEO, MoneyZen Wealth Management

Daily Informative Emails

All three of these sites provide informative and insightful information about personal finance.  If you are looking to increase your general personal finance knowledge these are great daily newsletters to read.

      Daily Worth

      Go Girl Finance


Periodic Blogs

If you prefer something more infrequent, here are blogs by three female financial experts (including me!) that explore issues of women’s economic empowerment from a variety of angles.

      Financial Profundities – by Jacquette Timmons

      Financially Wise Woman – by Brittney Castro

      MoneyZen – by Manisha Thakor


Books on Conscious Spending

Interested in delving deeper into the role that money plays in your life?  Here are three books that will get you to think about the energy flow created by your relationship with your money.

      The Energy of Money – by Maria Nemeth

      The Soul of Money – by Lynne Twist

      Your Money Or Your Life – by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominquez



Books on Changing Nature of The Global Economy

With the global population having crossed the 7 billion people mark, scare resources and increased demand are highlighting the essential need for a changing global economy. Here are three books addressing this vital topic from different angles.

      The End of Growth – Richard Heinberg

      The Great Turning – David Korten

      Sacred Economics – by Charles Einstein


Books to Get Your Finances In Order

Struggling with debt or tired of living paycheck to paycheck?  Dave Ramsey and Jean Chatzky have some highly actionable ideas for you.  Have put aside some savings and want to know what to do with it? Check out Princeton Professor Burton Malkiel’s guide.

      The Total Money Makeover – by Dave Ramsey

      Pay It Down – by Jean Chatzky

      The Random Walk Guide to Investing – by Burton Malkiel

Inspiring Websites & Organizations

For a sampling of current thinking about sustainable economies, check out these diverse resources.

      The Center for a New American Dream

      Great Transition Stories

      The New Economics Institute

Movies & Videos

Want to tickle your brain about the role that money plays in modern society?  Here are three stories from the big screen that are sure make you pause and reflect on the role you want money to play in your life!

      The Company Men

      The Joneses

      Margin Call

Financial Advice

A wealth of new resources have sprung up, thanks to technology, to help you create the relationship with money that you want.  These three organizations are among the trailblazers.




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