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Violence Against Women Articles


Interview with Eve Ensler
Author of The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, Insecure at Last and founder of V-Day

Rachel's Bed
by Eve Ensler

The When 'Traditional Values' are a Stick to Beat Women
by Pregs Govender

The Gender Violence Act: Towards the Eradication of Rape
by Kaethe Morris Hoffer

The Monster Myth: A Barrier in the Fight Against Rape
by Kaethe Morris Hoffer

Using Cash to Deter Rape in America
by Kaethe Morris Hoffer

Why Should Men Care About Sexual Violence?
by Men Can Stop Rape

Disappearing Rape Kits and the Betrayal of American Women
by Brooke Elise Axtell

Why Aren't We Shocked?
by Bob Herbert

Failing Girls in Schools: An Opinion Piece Sparked by the Recent Violence
by Andrea Johnston

Violence Against Women
Excerpt from Our Bodies, Ourselves

What Should I Do?

"Elders" Fight Misuse of Religion to Oppress Women and Girl
by Marianne Schnall

Take Back the Night Address
by Suzanne Stutman

Tori Amos's Hope Hotline
by Marianne Schnall

Lessons Learned from Survivors
Speech by Elaine Weiss

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