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femsalon is proud to announce
our FemSalon Series spotlighting
timely themes, featuring dynamic
speakers, and serving as fundraisers
to support the work of
See photos, video, a list of attendees and other resources and information....READ MORE>

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Manifesta and Grassroots author and activist Amy Richards fields your questions.
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Helpful and empowering book excerpts, articles, organizations, links, books and more.
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Whether you're a student who stumbles upon our site while researching a term paper, a veteran feminist who proudly identifies with the "f-word," or someone curious about the vast ways that women's issues intersect with every other part of life, we welcome you and hope you find great value from visiting MORE >

What Will It Take?
woman president book

What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership, and Power was written by founder and executive director Marianne Schnall. A portion of the proceeds will go to's Women & Leadership Initiative to continue the conversation and community around women's leadership.

View a new special section about the book and a number of exciting related events and programs. special sections

inspiring conversations
inspiring conversations
Eve Ensler, Melissa Etheridge,
Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem,
Alice Walker and more!

girls and young women
girls and young women
Our Girls & Young Women section is dedicated to raising healthy daughters and empowering the next generation.

women and peace
women and peace
Our Women & Peace section promotes the visionary people and organizations working towards world peace.


our inner lives's new section! Our Inner Lives: Spirit, Faith & Action

15 year anniversary of
Scenes from our 15-year anniversary event with Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler & others!


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Exciting plans for's 20th anniversary!

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New Articles/Features:

Highlights of's FemSalon on "Men & Women as Allies" (Video) featuring Marianne Schnall, Michael Kimmel, Chloe Angyal, Abigail Disney, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Don McPherson, Esta Soler, and Niobe Way

Highlights of's FemSalon on "Our Inner Lives: Spirit, Faith & Action" (Video) featuring a multi-faith panel discusssion, talks from Marianne Williamson and Sister Joan Chittister, and two performance videos from India.Arie

Things Maya Told Me: My Favorite Insights and Quotes From My Interviews With Maya Angelou by Marianne Schnall

Grief and Social Change by Kathy LeMay

How can we break America’s highest glass ceiling? (video) Highlights of "What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?" DC Event

"Young Voices" (Video) Highlights of our "Young Voices" Summit: A Gathering of Minds Around the State of Girlhood

Excerpt from We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

College 101: The 3 Biggest Feminist Concerns About The College Experience by Julie Zeilinger

Getting to the Root of the Problem by Niobe Way

Jimmy Carter on His New Book "Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power" by Marianne Schnall

What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership & Power Section: Resources, Videos and Events

Interview with Jane Fonda on Her New Book About "Being a Teen" by Marianne Schnall

Carol Gilligan: On Gender, Democracy, Society by Abigail Pollack

International Women's Day: Reflections from Natalie Portman, Maya Angelou and Other Renowned Women by Marianne Schnall

Highlights of What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? San Francisco Panel Discussion (video) featuring Marianne Schnall, Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Amanda de Cadenet

From "Our Inner Lives" FemSalon: India.Arie (video)

Can Mothers Be Traders? by Susan Shaffer Solovay and Jacki Zehner

Influential Women Share Advice on Staying Calm and Centered in Hectic Times by Marianne Schnall

Interview with Eve Ensler: In The Body of the World by Marianne Schnall

Highlights of's FemSalon on "Women & Peace: Transforming Conflict" (Video) featuring Abigail Disney, Madeleine Rees, Jody Williams, Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, Lydia Alpizar Duran, and Shinkai Karokhail

Black Girl Lessons: A Tragically Inevitable Rite of Passage by Jamia Wilson

Patrick Stewart Calls on Men to End Violence Against Women by Marianne Schnall

Excerpt from Sex and World Peace by Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett

Melinda Gates on Family Planning and Changing the World by Marianne Schnall

Conversation with Oprah Winfrey About Her School for Girls by Marianne Schnall

Waging Feminism – the Other Side of Nonviolent Struggle By Stephanie Van Hook

Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action by Ileana Jiménez

Questioning Economic Success Through the Lens of Hunger by Devaki Jain

Remember Who's Listening When You Say You Hate Your Body by Joyce T. McFadden

Letting Girls Be Girls—A Global Campaign by Marianne Schnall

Is There a Fourth Wave? Does It Matter? by Jennifer Baumgardner


Column Updates:

The Other Side of the Speculum: Wonderland by Amy Novatt, M.D.

Men's Voices, Men As Allies: How Can We Help Women? By Helping Men By Michael Kimmel

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops: Supporting V-Leadership in Kabul, Afghanistan

MoneyZen: Do You Need a Financial Planner or an Investment Manager? by Manisha Thakor

Men's Voices, Men As Allies: Reports of Feminism's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Rob Okun

I Speak for Myself: No One Teaches Us How to Be Daughters by aja monet

Women's Media Center: New Season of "Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan"

Navigating Second Adulthood: Girlfriend Power: Your Post-50 Posse Can Change The World by Suzanne Braun Levine

Women's Global Voices: The Global Girl Tipping Point by Jensine Larsen, World Pulse

The Spiritual Adventure: Bozos on the Bus by Elizabeth Lesser

Navigating Second Adulthood: You Gotta Have Girlfriends - Excerpt by Suzanne Braun Levine

Navigating Second Adulthood: Are You Old Enough to Know What Love Is? by Suzanne Braun Levine

Spirit Junkie: How to Live a Miraculous Life by Gabrielle Bernstein

Behind the Stories: Public Radio's 51%: Mothers and Other Strangers by Susan Barnett

REVEAL Your Soul: REVEALers Reclaiming Their Bodies As Sacred by Meggan Watterson, Latham Thomas, Alisa Vitti

Spotlight: Speaking Out Against Global Violence: Stop the minimum age of marriage for girls in Egypt from being reduced to as low as 9 years old by Equality Now

Real Happiness and Meditation: The 28-Day Meditation Challenge '12: Week 1: Concentration by Sharon Salzberg

Empowering Women's Health: The Wisdom of Menopause: The Promise of Transformation and Healing by Christiane Northrup, M.D

Mothers & Daughters: On Body Image by Sil & Eliza Reynolds

Real Girls, Real Leaders: The BFF 2.0 Tour: Welcome to Your Daughter’s Social World Online by Rachel Simmons

Spirit Junkie: Become a Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

Trouble the Waters, Heal the World: Reflections on Women, Faith and Movement Building by Lisa Anderson, Auburn Theological Seminary

The Path of the Yogini: The Living Goddess by Laura Amazzone

Women of Wisdom: Quotes on Leadership collected and edited by Elaine Bernstein Partnow

Rachel P. Goldstein and Najeeba Syeed-Miller: Tale of Two Sisters

Environmental Challenges and the Power of Women: America's Energy Mix - Clean, Green, and Cheap? by Redwood Mary




Empowering Women's Health (by Christiane Northrup, M.D.)

Environmental Challenges and the Power of Women (by Redwood Mary)

Feminist Activism for the College Grrl (by Multiple authors)

I Speak for Myself (Voices of American Muslim Women)

Men’s Voices, Men as Allies (by Multiple authors)

Mother and Family Matters (by

Mothers & Daughters (by Sil and Eliza Reynolds)

MoneyZen (by Manisha Thakor)

Navigating Second Adulthood (by Suzanne Braun Levine)

Pat Connects (by Pat Mitchell)

Organizing Younger Women (by the Younger Women's Task Force)

Real Girls, Real Leaders (by Rachel Simmons and the Girls Leadership Institute)

Real Happiness and Meditation (by Sharon Salzberg)

Spiritual Activism (by The Omega Women's Leadership Center)

Spotlight: Speaking Out Against Global Violence (by Equality Now)

Spirit Junkie (by Gabrielle Bernstein)

Stronger Women, Stronger Nations (by Women for Women International)

The Invisible Majority: Women & the Media (by the Women's Media Center)

The Spiritual Adventure (by Elizabeth Lesser)

United for Peace (by the Nobel Women's Inititiave)

Until the Violence Stops (by V-Day)

Women's Global Voices (by Jensine Larsen, World Pulse)

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